Residential: (adjective) Occupied or unoccupied, owned or rented, single-family or multifamily, housing units and mobile homes, excluding institutional housing such as hostels or school dormitories, hospitals and night shelters. e.g. Houses, Bungalows, Care-Homes, tower blocks.

Group views on Residential Sector 

Residential sector the most personal sector of the market, even though it doesn’t make up a large portion of our business it can’t be overstated how much we respect and value security of your home and family. In recent years it has been reported that there has been a 10% rise in police-recorded crime to 5 million offences include increases in burglary and vehicle theft.


  • Elderly/Vulnerable Family Member (ARK)  
  • Alarm Response & Keyholding  (ARK)  
  • Roller Garage Doors (BGB)
  • Watermist (Cannon)  
  • ANSUL (Cannon)  
  • Reactive CCTV Monitoring (VRC)
  • iLocate (VRC)
  • Remote Guarding Patrols (VRC)
  • Building Locking & Unlocking (VRC)

ARK & the Residential Sector 

Typically in a residential context, we can help secure your home, whether you are at home in bed or on a beach in the Bahamas.

ARK’s expert response team make sure (night and day) that alarm activations will not go unanswered, on average being on site within 20 minutes of the alarm’s activation.

Another way ARK can be of critical importance in the residential sector is with the Elderly/Vulnerable Family Member Service. Which can be used if, you are concerned about a relative we can respond to Panic Alarms.

We would hold a set of keys and be able to check on their welfare if their alarm was activated and to allow access to paramedics or health workers if the need arises.

ARK Alarm Response & Keyholding

Alarm Response & Keyholding specialise in providing professional keyholding and alarm response services across the UK to secure your home or business and ensure the safety of your family and staff.

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BGB & the Residential Sector 

BGB will help you secure your home is by installing a high-quality garage door. As well as enhancing the look of your property, Electric Roller Garage Doors are a convenient alternative to a standard manual garage door.

Whether you just want to avoid getting out of your car to open the garage when it’s raining, or you want to remove the physical exertion of opening a heavy door, remote controlled garage doors are the perfect solution. Additionally, electric garage doors remove the need for an external lock which improves the security of your home and vehicle.

BGB Boundary Gate and Barrier

Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts are experts in all forms of Perimeter Security. With national installation and service capabilities, Boundary Gate and Barrier Contracts provides our customers with a one-stop gate and barrier solution.

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Cannon & the Residential Sector 

Cannon Fire Protection is a B2B commercial business, but we protect wherever we can. Over the last few years, we have installed Ansul fire suppression systems to kitchens in homes across the UK.

Cannon also supply water-mists in flats (preventing building wide fires).

Cannon Fire Protection

With over 30 years experience, Cannon Fire Protection has developed an excellent reputation within the fire protection industry throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. 

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VRC & the Residential Sector 

In the context of residential, VRC offers Reactive CCTV Monitoring, iLocate, Remote Guarding Patrols, Remote Control Locking.

VRC Video Receiving Centre

For over 10 years we have been offering bespoke monitoring solutions to protect people, property and peace of mind across the UK and Ireland. From our state of the art, Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) in Yate, our highly experienced team work night and day to ensure your people and property are protected.

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VRC and APG support Surveillance Camera Day

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Fire Industry Charity Golf Day attended by APG and Cannon

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APG commits to ‘earn and learn’ by joining The 5% Club.

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