Firefighters calling for a change in the law which would see sprinklers fitted in more new-build developments.


Firefighters are calling for changes into the law, which would see sprinklers fitted in more new-build developments.


The London Fire Brigade (LFB) wants 100% of purpose-built residential blocks to have sprinklers installed, irrespective of height. In reality, spot checks revealed that only 2 out of 15, or 13% had sprinklers installed.

fire engine responding to potential emergency

fire engine responding to potential emergency

LFB Commissioner Dany Cotton said she hopes new legislation will be brought in after a Government consultation on building regulations, which ends in March. It follows concerns sparked by the June 2017 Grenfell Tower fire, which led to the deaths of 72 people.

LFB Commissioner Dany Cotton said:

“Sprinklers save lives, they’re not a luxury…We think they’re essential in every high-rise building, and in places where our most vulnerable residents live – places like care homes. The LFB are campaigning on vital things like sprinklers because we think that no community should ever have to suffer in the way Grenfell has.”

The spot checks were made on developments for which planning applications were made in 2016 and showed few had heeded the LFB’s advice to install sprinklers. 

In England, sprinklers are only a legal requirement in new residential blocks taller than 30 metres. Whereas

In Wales, they are mandatory in all new domestic buildings while in Scotland they are compulsory in residential buildings including care homes, sheltered housing and schools above 18 metres.

The Government believes an appropriate level of fire safety can be achieved without retrofitting sprinklers. 


Mike Green, Managing Director Cannon Fire Sprinklers, Said the following:

As a professional who has been involved in the Fire Sprinkler industry for over 35 years, I totally agree with  Dany Cotton’s statement and it is high time that legislation was brought into play to see automatic fire sprinkler systems installed in more new build developments.



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